Summer holiday deals for teachers

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Hi I'm sure I'm not the only teacher here? The holidays can be a real financial drain on parents but teachers also have a lot of time on their hands in the holidays when they're not marking, planning etc and many of us don't have a lot of spare cash to fill the days with endless shopping trips and jollies to the sun.

So, I wondered whether any clever DFWers out there could suggest activities, trips out or general time fillers for a hard up but overworked and overtired teacher?

TEACHERS DURING SUMMER BREAK (Teacher Parody of 'Old Town Road')

I'm the least creative person in the world scientist! Users saying Thanks 3. Page 1.

Why teachers really do deserve their long summer holiday – Kevan Christie - The Scotsman

I head to the library and stock up on books Ones I have been meaning to read all term and some light reading for in the garden in the sun. Users saying Thanks 4. You earn enough to afford a last minute break. Even in the school holidays these can be found. I do hope you are not asking for sympathy about having to endure all the holidays you have?

Whilst I know teaching isn't easy, the holidays teachers get are somewhat recompense. Have a look on lastminute. There are currently no thanks for this post. They have people of all fitnesses from walking the 5k up!! Could you get another job? Having a mass clear out of your house and sell bits on facebook, ebay, gumtree etc, I personally prefer facebook as at my parents they have very well established bidding groups who are well managed, theirs no fees and buyer collects.

Check out the no spend days challenge threads for more ideas Or my final and my personal favourite for days off is: washing and chilling out binge watching TV shows lazy I know but when I only have 1 night off a week Sleep and not doing much are my top priories lol. Currently living and working in Canada.

Getting things done is more useful than making things perfect. Users saying Thanks 2. Thank you all for the great suggestions. Lots that I hadn't thought of and are definitely worth a go. Really grateful for the advice xx. I used to work in admin at a secondary school and, sidefx, you don't have a clue nor would you last a week as a teacher. Teaching doesn't start at 8.

Academic year

So if you add up two weeks at Christmas, two weeks'ish at Easter and two weeks plus a few days in the summer, it's not that much more than any other job. The last time I worked in industry I got five weeks leave. I liked peaceandfreedom's advice until the last sentence! Please do look at last minute bargains for city breaks and try booking through topcashback to hotels. They are slow paying out but worth it.

Once you've booked ten nights you get one free. Also nectar points can be used to pay for easyjet flights. Users saying Thanks 8. There's always lots of non teachers looking for the opportunity to do a bit of teacher holiday bashing!!! Makes me laugh, please step on up we have a teaching shortage in lots of subjects especially science and maths.

I'm leaving after ten years of it. If one of the " easy life" brigade want my job - I will pass your details into my headteacher Bexster. So during the school holidays teachers have an excellent opportunity to ditch those bad habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle, and here are a few simple habits you can start with;. Drink more water — drinking water first thing in the morning is extremely beneficial for the body. Sleep enough — Getting eight hours of sleep a night is believed by many to be the key to a healthy lifestyle.

While we are sleeping, our bodies heal and repair. Less than 8 hours sleep can increase the risk for serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, stroke and also contributes to weight gain. Establish a new exercise routine — Regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, increases your strength and flexibility, increases your self-confidence, improves memory, helps you to sleep better and even boosts happiness levels.

Binge watching movies and television dramas may not seem like a productive use of time, but there are some genuine benefits for taking some time over the school holidays to put your feet and up enjoy watching the tele. Firstly, television can expand your knowledge and understanding of the world by watching shows which introduce you to different people, cultures, ideas, and places you might never encounter in real life.

Can I take my child on vacation outside of the school holiday periods?

Television can also help develop creativity, particularly if you watch science fiction and fantasy programmes, such as Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Television is also good for your emotional well being, sad films have been found to make viewers more appreciative of their own circumstances, while crying during a movie works like a stress reliever, helping balance the chemical imbalances in your body caused by stress, and getting rid of toxins in the body.

Daniel Maxwell is a writer and educator who has been living and working in Southeast Asia since the late s. Examples of his work can be found at www. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. Upgrade your tech skills In the modern classroom, the role of educational technology is having a huge impact on teaching, communication and administration.

Catch up on your reading Buying books to read, but never finding the time to read, seems to be a common vice among teachers. Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle Most teachers aim to be positive role models for their students, but when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, we often do not live up to the standards we set. Next Gamification should be used in education.

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