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I always assumed that their Chicago Electric tools were slapped-together designs using readily available components and basic housings to hold them all together. Whether I was right or not, things are not that way with the new Hercules tools. Harbor Freight is doing airflow modeling, simulations, and testing to improve motor fan designs. And working with top-shelf brands to build their Li-ion battery packs. Among other things. What do you think all this new in-house experience will amount to?

Perhaps better and better tools. I am very excited to see where things are headed. On the phone call, we talked about a few recent products that were similarly designed with quality, performance, reliability, and other such good things in mind. The new breed of cordless power tools is a big push along that same path. These examples make it easier for me to feel optimistic, but more than that, the sense of pride at Harbor Freight is what convinced me. I am now not so much skeptical as I am cautious.

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They are not high quality, but they are good enough for my amateur projects. One of the lights that some have modified with great results is that big headed 4AA flashlight. So, I think this is a good thread. Here is my contribution. I always have to google to find it.

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The links have always taken me to HF's site, but for some reason I usually have trouble finding them on HF's site. I used mine about 3 times before the nozzle trigger valve failed out of warranty.

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The housing is plastic which split at a seam and could not be repaired. I bought from them recently: 1. X 23 Ft. X 17 Ft. X 11 Ft. No big deal; return it and get a new one! One awesome thing about Harbor Freight is that you can easily return almost anything. My business is remodeling, from rough rentals up. Some HF items I use and recommend:. Extendable Basin Wrench as good as any.

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Large Plastic Speed Square Measuring scale not true, otherwise decent. Small Speed Square Measuring scale not true, otherwise decent. Avoid drills except for use in wood and driver bits. Impact sockets good for hand use, other wrenches and sockets are a gamble, no measurement tools are accurate, crow and pry bars are too soft.

You can get good stuff at great prices here, but you gotta know what to get and much is pure junk. Always wait for sales with HF if you can, just about everything will be on sale sooner or later. The links I provided are for item reference only; I wait for sales. The general rule of thumb about not buying anything with a motor or something that relies on quality hardened steel without reading reviews first should save you from most of the HF pitfalls. Some motorized things are OK, like the belt sander mentioned above, but most will be a major disappointment for long term use.

The HF version is cheap, no frills, but work great. Be warned it smells awful the first couple times you run it.

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Storage bins, totes, bags — Generally good prices on products often identical to major brand versions. They have a couple sizes. Harbor Freight Storage case. Furniture Dollies — I use them all the time, my wife just stole 2 from me for plant stands inside.

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Highly recommended when they are on sale. Chain hoist — like the hammers and heat gun, it just works. My 1 ton is great for occasional lifting of heavy things out of the back of a truck in the garage, truck drives out, heavy thing gets set on ground or dollies. Sometimes cheap is cheap, and sometimes cheap is expensive. There was once a long running thread on a tool site where professionals rated several of their tools, but I cant find it now. It was enough to make you want to carpet bomb all of their stores to save our fellow Americans from extreme disappointment!

They are a great tool for dropping that car back to earth in a hurry! While I was testing one of their aluminum quick lift jacks in their parking lot the heavy duty version of the 2 they offered , I jacked my car up to the jacks unimpressive maximum height and then watched it crumple over on itself, dropping my car at an angle and pinning the twisted jack between the diff and pavement.

Thankfully, the damn thing didnt damage one of the 2 fuel tanks it swiped on its way to oblivion. The manager and I had a good hard laugh and went back into the store to drag out their largest model to retrieve the POS HF jack my car had flattened beneath it.

Harbor Freight 3/8 Composite Ratchet (item#66313) Torture Test Part 1

Just as the large 4 ton jack began to clear the car of the twisted jack, a seal gave way and dropped the car again onto the broken jack! By that time, we had quite a large crowd of hysterical people surrounding us, all laughing and exchanging stories about how crappy their prior HF tool purchases had been. Seems that I was just one of the many stories of eminent HF peril. We ultimately extracted the twisted jack while using two smaller floor jacks, one to each side of my car to lift in unison. BTW , the car weighs only lbs total, and the jacks were attempting to lift about half that weight.

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If you want some real laughs, spend some time talking with the store manager about the products in the store. For even more laughs, ask to check the back room for returned tools. There, you will find vast piles of many twisted wrenches and pliers, split sockets, grenaded electric and pneumatic tools, drill bits that didnt survive the th revolution, dozens of junky broken plastic and metal rubbish of every possible type, color, shape and size. Now I know what tools were used to assemble a lot of my trashy chinese flashlights!

You know… the ones where a disgruntled monkey didnt properly thread a hole in a pill before attempting to drive a phillips screw to affix the MCPCB to the floor plate. So in its anger, it applied brute force to the point that the threads got completely stripped out and the cheap dull screwdriver rounded out the top of the screw!

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Give that monkey a rotten banana and a good hard kick in the pants! While comparing DCV , each of them read totally different of one another… go figure! How about the IR temp guns? I saw a guy using a snap-on version at the airport and thought it would be a good idea, especially for air cooled engines. Each gun read vastly different of one another! I should have known. Screw drivers? Forget it! Ive broken and chipped tips off most of them before they were thrown into the garbage can where they belong.

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