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This is the grand finale of the exhibition. Up to 40 people can play at one time. They are put into the exhibition and given things to do in the environment. For all the girls who want to be like Katniss, this is your chance to see what it is like. Movie sets, 30 costumes, and many props. Fans will also see the Peacekeeper armor and rebellion tactical gear. For a limited time, get The Hunger Games: The Exhibition discount tickets with the following coupons!

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Peeta's her best friend and it's his 25th birthday. It's a milestone and needs to be celebrated, and she definitely doesn't need to spend it worrying about things like that. Turning around to give him a smile, she sees that he's already got her gift in his hand, which he must have picked up from the gift table. He leans down to speak into her ear again.

Katniss laughs, and takes a hold of his hand. Come on let's go out to the balcony, it'll be quieter. Closing the door behind them, Katniss welcomes the sound of the music being muffled and the refreshing cool night air against her warm skin— she didn't realise how hot it was getting in there with all those people. She hears the ripping of paper and turns to see Peeta opening his gift with lightning speed.

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Katniss can't help but laugh at him; he reminds her of a kid on Christmas morning. Peeta pulls out the paints and brush set enthusiastically. I can't wait to try them out on a new idea I have," he tells her, and puts them down onto the small table they keep outside. She watches him as he pulls out the envelope with the coupon booklet inside and rips it open. His brows narrow in confusion for a moment before he begins to flick through it. His features change from puzzlement to curiosity and then suddenly his mouth drops open in shock. He looks up at her quickly and she thinks his eyes are about to pop out of his head.

Katniss begins to worry as she's not sure what to make of his mixed reactions.

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Don't you like it? After a pause Peeta replies, "Like it? Katniss laughs, her concern evaporating. That I won't do any of that stuff? She thinks about the chores coupon she saw in there earlier. She knows she doesn't have the best track record for cleaning the apartment — so it's no wonder Peeta doesn't believe her. She owes him this though and besides, it could be fun to see what he'll make her do.

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Peeta's eyes are still wide with shock, as he looks back down and reads the cover. Katniss can see his brows and forehead are still narrowed in concentration, like he's thinking about something really carefully. When he looks back up at her, his features have softened and he looks suddenly vulnerable. Is this real? She thinks she can hear a glimmer of hope in his words.

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I wouldn't have given it to you if I wasn't. You know me, no one can make me do anything I don't want to do. I'm glad you like your presents, though. Closing the door behind her she looks back over her shoulder. Peeta is still standing where she left him, and he's staring back at her dumbstruck. Meanwhile Finnick, with a beer in his hand, is now standing next to Peeta, knocking his shoulder several times trying to get his attention.

She shakes her head to herself — she can't believe his response to her gift — was she really that shitty a roommate? After coming back from the bathroom and turning down the music to a more reasonable volume, Peeta finds her again. Surprising her while she's putting out some mini pizzas onto the food table, he takes the platter from her hands and wraps his muscular arms around her in the biggest hug she's ever had.

Her body melts into his instantly and her head rests comfortably just under his chin. The scent and warmth radiating from his body makes her sigh happily. Ever since she met Peeta in college he's always been an affectionate and giving person. Back then it took her a while to warm up to him as he just seemed too good to be true, and nothing good came from people like that. However as he lived across the hall from her, they'd quickly become part of the same social circle, and she'd soon realised that like everybody else he had his flaws, and she slowly thawed towards him.

Their friendship had grown quickly after that and no matter what was going on in her life - a bad break up, a fight with her mother or a loss of a job, he was always there for her. She never feels more safe and protected than when she's in his arms.

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She's surprised — he's never kissed her in what feels like such a boyfriend area before — but Katniss closes her eyes and sighs again, though this time it comes out like a raspy moan. She feels a jolt in her lower belly and tingling goosebumps break out over her entire body. The moment is broken suddenly and quickly, and Katniss is brought back to reality when their neighbor in apartment two, a brute of a guy called Cato, swings his arm around Peeta's neck, almost hitting Katniss in the face and tells him he's needed out on the balcony with some of the guys.

Before Peeta can reply back he's being hauled away but manages to mouth back over his shoulder to her, "Sorry. Katniss gives him an understanding smile and then watches him chat with some of the guys who live in their building. Her mind starts to wander about what just happened between them when they hugged. These reactions she's experiencing around him seem to be getting worse and it's not just the physical responses anymore - now the emotional side of her wants to join in. She just doesn't understand what's going on, or why. She shakes her head to clear it and heads back into the kitchen to grab another drink.

They don't talk much again for the rest of the night, as both of them are too busy playing host and everybody wants a piece of the birthday boy. Katniss spends most of it mingling and chatting with her close friends — but after awhile she begins to think that maybe they've all been hitting the kegs way too hard. The dance floor is like an orgy she didn't want to be invited to, there's a brief but vicious fight over the last mini pizza, some of the guys start giving her appraising looks, and she's getting weird suggestive winks from Cato - not to mention Peeta's increasing obsession over the coupon booklet.

At one point she spots Peeta standing across the room, pulling out the booklet from his back jeans pocket for what's possibly the millionth time. She watches him flick through it again , stopping and staring at a page with wide eyes, his tongue darting out to lick across his lips. Although Katniss is happy that he seemed to like her gift, she really did think the paints and brush set would have gotten more rapt attention. She didn't think she'd ever seen anyone get so excited over the possibility of someone else doing the dishes.

But then the night gets even weirder as the comments begin; her friends are all so drunk she doesn't really know what to make of them. When she comes out of her bedroom, Johanna passes her in the hallway and says, "About time brainless," as she bumps her hip playfully against Katniss'. Considering that it was normal for Johanna to call her brainless on almost a daily basis, she decides to let it go. admin